Shared, multi-platform scenarios for the Calabash/Cucumber framework are now a thing. The README should be sufficient to get your started!


Frequently, companies develop native mobile applications for both iOS and Android alongside one another. Usually, parity of behaviour between apps is an important requirement. If I switch platforms I don’t want to find that several features I relied on are no where to be seen!

The apps will not be identical however – there may be differing design principles between platforms. For example, say I want to see my saved locations within the app. This may mean opening a burger menu on Android and tapping the Locations option, whereas there is a tab bar icon for the same purpose on iOS.

This project provides a framework for sharing as much test code between platforms as possible, allowing you to delegate behaviour only when you need to.


One scenario, one step definition, one controller, multi-platform test. This is achieved using the following project structure:


Multi-platform Calabash framework structure


See the project README for more information. If you think the project could use some improvements, feel free to drop me a pull request!